Instagram: November 04, 2018 at 05:55PM

Today I #BeatTheBridge. Ran the @acrossthebay10k this morning and got a PR of 42:26, that’s a 6:50 avg. pace finishing 79th out of 16,749 runners, also finished 8th out of 714 in my age group. A week after Marine Corp Marathon I would have never expected this. It’s a good day! via Instagram

Instagram: October 21, 2018 at 03:00PM

Oh man! Ran #trails4tailsfest this morning. Came in 1st overall in the difficult and technical trail 5k. Finished 6th or 7th, 2nd in my AG, in the 15k. The 15k had mostly flat and runnable trails, I just didn’t have the speed on those portions but I made up a lot of ground during the technical spots. Out of the both races I was 1st overall! My goal was to take these races easy due to #MCM being next week so I didn’t push it as much as I could have, I wanted to be safe, but once I hit those trails I just had to pick it up a bit. I feel great. 2 bottles of wine, one for each of the overall wins. It’s going to be a good night! Go Ravens!