Uptown Gentlefriends 12 Hour Track Attack

Uptown Gentlefriends 12 Hour Track Attack: April 29th 2017, 6am to 6pm

In 2016 the Uptown Gentlefriends invited their friends and families to join them for a 12 hour training run at the local high school track. At the end of the day over 40 people showed up and every one of them logged AT LEAST 1 lap. Some did well over a hundred laps! As a group they logged 984 laps – that’s 246 miles!

In 2017 we hope to get even more people involved and top our 2016 mileage! Join us! We will have several coolers with cold drinks and delicious snacks. We will also have chairs and a canopy to relax under. Bring your families! Several kids ran last year; all ages are welcome!

Come out, get some fresh air and get some steps in. Walk a lap or run many. Or bring a book and just hang out with us all day. A few of us are using this as training for upcoming endurance runs, so your presence alone will motivate us – we need the help!

Runners will be responsible for counting their own laps. Those with a Garmin GPS device can install an app that will count laps, such as Auto Lap Counter (https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/4ae5506a-0d33-4948-a101-d1b2128f3bbc). This comes in handy as it will only count laps once the “start zone” is crossed, so any additional mileage, such as aid station breaks or bathroom breaks, won’t be counted. A more advanced app option is Loop Ultra Racer (https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/d647721e-5147-4a84-9914-e023236b1f13) which can be configured to not only show the number of laps but the projected total laps/mileage based on your lap times during the 12 hours. There may be other options available for other brands of watches or an old fashioned method of physically counting each lap. It’s up to you!

There are currently no bathroom facilities. We’re hoping that a port-o-potty appears once spring starts. They usually do. Otherwise there are permanent restrooms at the park located across the street (about a quarter mile away).

Rain date will be the next day; April 30th.

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