Naked Bavarian 2016

Ran the Naked Bavarian 40 miler trail race over the weekend. I didn’t train much for it. I tore my MCL back in September and slowly got back into running. In January I really started piling on the miles which started giving me shin splints so I had to cut back on my miles and even stop for a bit. So I went into running a difficult 40 mile trail race with my previous¬†longest run at only 9 miles. A long way off from 40. Anyway, I hung in there, got just ahead of the cutoffs and actually passed a few people in the last 15 miles to finish 91st out of 99. There were over 40 runners who actually gave up after their first 20 mile lap. My teammate Keilynn ran the 20 mile version of the race and wrote this great recap, I hope you all check it out. It has some great pictures in it:¬†


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