Fall 2015

I haven’t been posting much lately. Just updating my Race Schedule. Here’s some hi-lights from this past fall.

I received a pretty significant knee injury during a local OCR 5k mud run. I was in the lead and lost the lead because I took a wrong turn. By the time I got back on track I was near the middle of the pack. So I ran extra hard trying to regain the lead. I was slowly reeling in the leader. I had him. But because I was running so hard I was also very reckless. I ran beyond my ability. I ran up to the top of a 7 foot hay bale ladder and leaped from the very top. Everything came crashing down on my knee. It started swelling immediately and I was unable to bend it. IMG_7812.JPG

I missed a week of work and kept and aggressively treated it. I never went to a doctor or got an MRI taken. I’m assuming at worse it was a torn MCL. I was more depressed than anything. I sat around and instead of working out I ate ice cream and watched TV. I slowly got back into running again, albeit a bit painful, and only recently have I started strengthening again. I did do a couple of races, a 6k and a 5 mile race. I felt faster than I thought I would be but a ways off from where I was. 4 months later my knee still hurts at times and gets stiff often. I have increased my running and overall I feel great. Bending the knee is still an issue but I feel myself coming along nicely.

In other news, my 1998 Honda Civic EX finally bit the dust. For the past few years I stopped spending money on it. There were many issues and I just didn’t want to take care of it anymore. Besides the normal oil changes. It was time to get a new car. I bought a brand new 2016 Honda HR-V EX AWD. It’s a beautiful car. It’s considered a crossover. A mini-SUV. I am absolutely in love with it. Can hardly wait to take it on some road trips!

12143301_729689011020_988522294089048961_nIt was tough to see my Civic go, I was so sad. I loved that car. Once I started driving the HR-V I never thought of the Civic again! Bye 1998 Civic!

IMG_0205 IMG_0206


3 weeks later a rock would hit the windshield of my HR-V. I made the mistake of getting the windshield repaired instead of replaced. There is an awful looking blemish there. Most likely always will be. 🙁IMG_8205.JPG-5 IMG_8204.JPG-5


That’s all for now!

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