Good Luck Steelers!

Ravens lost a tough game. Steelers were spectacular. Joe Flacco made some dumb moves, 3 interceptions. He threw some great balls but he also showed why rookie quarterbacks never win playoff games. I knew the Steelers were going to win before the game even started but when the Ravens started coming back and it was 16 – 14 in the 4th quarter I really felt the Ravens were going to win. They started off with great field position and then this stupid penalty came against the Ravens for unnecessary roughness. The penalty ended up putting the Ravens down at the 14 yard line, which was at the time of the kick around 40 something. Flacco made a couple of big passes but eventually got intercepted and was returned for a touchdown. It was that penalty that turned the game around. On the other hand, I feel pretty confident in saying that the Steelers are going to win the super bowl. So the Ravens may have lost but they lost to the next world champions.

I have a feeling Flacco learned a lot this season as a rookie. No rookie has ever made it this far into the post season and I have a feeling that next year he’ll be a lot better. Now that the Ravens are over I have NASCAR to get excited about now. A few more weeks and the green flag will be waving. Also, luckily for me, new episodes of my favorite TV shows have been airing. I’ll start posting my top shows list soon.

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