Art All Night

It’s 4 AM and I just got in from Art All Night. I know, it’s all night, I just couldn’t make it. I’ll be back around 12:30 PM for the rest of the 24 hour art “mini-festival”.

After I left the Hopkins BBQ the Murray brothers and I went to Art All Night in Trenton. We got there around 1:30 AM and there was a large amount of people, I was surprised. The band that was performing was good. The visual art left much to be desired but for the most part they were generally positive, some terrific ones and some downright awful ones. As the night progressed the bands got worse and worse. The last performance was 3 AM. Art All Night is a 24 hour art festival, it started at 3 PM on Saturday and goes to 3 PM on Sunday. Here’s their website:

I recommend. It’s not NEARLY as cool as the art festival they have down by my school in Baltimore but it’s ok for Trenton. The Baltimore one is called Artscape and is the largest arts festival in the country. Figure the Trenton one draws in close to 5,000 folks, Artscape draws in about 1 million. But hey, it’s a start. So I recommend you check it out, like I said, I’ll be there at about 12:30 on Sunday. See you there!

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