Let It Snow!

I haven’t been leaving many personal blog entries lately. My entries the past couple months have been my Favorite TV Shows of the week list, SNL Digital Shorts or just music videos. I’ve got a day off and thought I’d finally give some updates. I was actually hoping to go to Baltimore today but the snow kept me from making the trip. Kind of a bummer but it gave me the chance to do some work here. I started making my Christmas cards. Did some painting. Some cleaning. Drinking and eating. The usual stuff.

What have I been up to? I go to Jo Jo’s Tavern every Monday night with the guys. Now that Jimmie Johnson won the NASCAR championship (AGAIN) I spend my Sundays watching football and other TV. The Ravens don’t get much TV time here in NJ so I fine a live stream of the game, if not I watch the Giants. A couple of weeks ago I was in Philadelphia to see my friend Leslie from MICA. She had an art exhibit and showed her amazing work. She was my old neighbor when I was living in Baltimore. A couple of weeks before that my dad and I went out with my buddies to play paintball. It was the first time my dad and I played and we were surprisingly good at it.

You can follow my Twitter feeds to see what I do on a more regular basis. I try to do as many different things as I can but it doesn’t happen TOO often.

I honestly believe one of the best shows on TV is Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. It’s funny, entertaining and educational. I wish I could be like Mike Rowe.

I also believe that every NFL team has at least one Predator.

I also want to see the Sherlock Holmes movie, not because the movie looks good but because I love the outfits all the guys are wearing. I want to dress like that one a daily basis.

Lastly, it’s not too late to get me a Christmas gift, here’s my AMAZON WISH LIST!

Oh, and I’ve been raving about Fever Ray all year. Since I saw the concert back in September the majority of my blog entries have been about Fever Ray. Keeping up the trend I have to mention them again. Fever Ray are making many “Best Of 2009” lists including THIS ONE at Last.Fm. It will be a full year of Fever Ray next month and my love for Fever Ray are just growing more and more!

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