The False Mirror – Surrealism Forward and Back


The False Mirror – Surrealism Forward and Back
Curated by Frances Heinrich

Exhibiting in the Artworks Main Gallery from January 11, 2013 through February 22, 2014
An opening reception will be held on January 11, 2014  6-8pm (Snowdate Jan 18)

Almost a hundred years have passed since classical Surrealist works were first shown, and their irrational “snapshots” of the impossible were surely quite shocking back then.  Today, however, we appear increasingly attracted to similar oddities:  computer-altered talking babies, life-sized combative tacos, and flying cars probably now seem both plausible and trendy.

The False Mirror will present a wide variety of top works by a group of highly professional artists; Tom Bendtsen, John Goodyear, Benjamin S. Jones, Alan Kesselhaut, Paul Leibow, Jim and Lynn Lemyre, Adam Niklewicz, Sarah Petruziello, Frank Rivera, Anita Thacher, and Andrew Wilkinson.

Drawing, painting, sculpture, video, and installation will all be on display.  Some of these artists might deny being Surrealists, but their work demonstrates, for curator Frances Heinrich, the ideas, sensibilities, and visual freedoms originally granted by historical Surrealists and Dadaists.

At 6pm on the night of the opening reception, curator Frances Heinrich will also present a short Powerpoint talk which relates famous historical works to the current “special effects” now surrounding us in film, tv, advertising, and fashion. This will truly be an engaging event for anyone interested in their media environment.

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