Instagram: May 19, 2019 at 07:52PM

3 Days at the Fair. The 3 of us quickly became friends. I met Phil last year and he lead the charge and Glenda followed. I made sure that they remembered to have fun and keep their minds off the pain. Phil Eberts ran the 10 Day and finished with 731 miles. Glenda Hernandez ran the 6 Day race with me, and was in pain and moseying around the course in the final remaining hours. I somehow convinced her that she was close to a big goal but I walked with her and then did the math and she was short of this goal. I had her start running hard. She hated me. Every step was filled with pain throughout her entire body. Everyone on and around the course knew what we were attempting to do and the adrenaline (and my dumb jokes) kept her occupied for those last 20 miles. Famous ultra runners and world record holders were cheering her on. We shared many laughs and also many tears. She crossed the line with a few minutes to spare and 300 miles to her name. I couldn’t be more proud of her. She was so happy that I pushed her. I finished the week off with a huge PR thanks to me pushing her with a big 242 miles! I was so focused on her reaching her goal that I didn’t even realize that I crushed me. Year after year I do this event it becomes more and more of an emotional journey. Congratulations to old friends and new friends and all the other incredible people who I am lucky enough to share the course with. via Instagram

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