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In 2018 I made an attempt to eat better and train better and it paid off. I earned a PR at EVERY distance from mile to marathon and consistently finished amongst the top runners. It’s also the first year since I started running that I was injury free, the smarter training helped that too. I also ran a yearly mileage PR by well over 100 miles and what’s wild is that my average yearly pace was almost 4 minutes faster per mile! I also continued the tradition of cheering on runners and volunteering at other races.

17 races. 415 race miles. 9 PRs. 4 AG awards. 1 WIN!

*Improved the organizing of my own 5k trail race.
*Spectated the Boston Marathon in the rain.
*Running 16 miles in the Pine Barrens in the middle of the day, in the middle of the summer. Don’t do it!
*LBI 18 Miler was my toughest race of the year but worth it once I saw the food spread!
*Being the only runner who was pictured with a Marine placing the medal around my neck on the Marine Corps Marathon Facebook page after the 17.75k.
*Grueling 5 mile battle for position at the Dirty German 25k.
*Overall winner at a tough local trail 5k.
*The emotional Wear Blue mile at the Marine Corps Marathon had me in tears.
*Running with a pack of Amish runners while other Amish cheered for us at the Bird-In-Hand Half Marathon.
*3 Days at the Fair is my most memorable event every year. 3 Days wasn’t enough so in 2018 I did 6 Days. I spent 6 Days sharing miles with some of the most incredible athletes and people in the world. There is nothing like this event. Hot days, cold days, rainy days, a HURRICANE! Seeing so many national and world records being set by some of the most humble people is so inspiring. There are times when I want to cry and go home and these folks keep me going. I look forward to this event every year above any other. via Instagram

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