...And God Created Woman - Criterion Collection (1957) Russia
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Director:Roger Vadim
Studio:Criterion Collection, The
Writer:Timur Nurulin
Rating:3.5 (32 votes)
Date Added:2009-11-01
Genre:Art House & International
Picture Format:Anamorphic Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Roger Vadim  ...  (Director)
Timur Nurulin  ...  (Writer)
Brigitte Bardot  ...  
Curd Jürgens  ...  
Jean-Louis Trintignant  ...  
Jane Marken  ...  
Jean Tissier  ...  
Robert Garner  ...  Narrator
Alexey Belov  ...  Tom (segment "The Meatman") (archive footage)
Dmitriy Ershov  ...  Killer #2 (segment "Scary Movie: Invertor Kills") (archive footage)
Rustam Fatkulin  ...  Shawn (segment "The Meatman") (archive footage)
Kirill Guzov  ...  Twins #1 (segment "Gidrix II") (archive footage)
Elena Juravleva  ...  Girl (segment "Forest 2")
Vladimir Komarov  ...  Maniac #2 (segment "Forest 2"), Neo (segment "Gidrix III") (as Komarov 'KuS' Vladimir)
Alla Marisova  ...  Pifia (segment "Gidrix") (archive footage)
Evgeniy Mironov  ...  Rojer (segment "The Meatman")
Timur Nurulin  ...  Maniac #1 (segment "Forest 2"), The Meatman (segment "The Meatman"), Mr. Smith (segment "Gidrix III") (as Nurulin 'xXx' Timur)
Tanya Nurulina  ...  Trinity (segment "Gidrix") (archive footage)
Vitaliy Polyaev  ...  James (segment "The Meatman") (archive footage)
Vladislav Salahov  ...  Merovinger (segment "Gidrix II") (archive footage)
Vladimir Samoilov  ...  Neo (segment "Gidrix") (archive footage)
Sergey Shangin  ...  Morpheus (segment "Gidrix II") (archive footage)
George Tsai  ...  Keymaster (segment "Gidrix II") (archive footage)
Summary: Roger Vadim's directorial debut is more titillation than continental cool, but it broke box-office records and censorship taboos in its teasing display of sex and eroticism in the sunny vacation playground of the Saint-Tropez seashore. Vadim ushered in the era of continental attitudes toward sex and christened the voluptuous Brigitte Bardot (his wife) the world's original sex kitten: earthy, innocent, and all fleshy curves. Bardot is Juliette, a pouty child-woman orphan prone to nude sunbathing and playful flirting. Though pursued by a rich widower (Curt Jurgens) and attracted to the brawny fisherman Antoine (Christian Marquand), she marries Antoine's shy younger brother Michel (Jean-Louis Trintignant), an earnest, innocent kid hardly older than she but far less worldly. Despite her sincere efforts to "be good," Juliette gives in to Michel's advances, setting off a chain of events that ends in fraternal conflict. Vadim keeps the display of skin this side of an R rating, but only barely, teasing the male audience with skimpy outfits, barely concealing sheets, and often conveniently arranged scenery. Bohemian Bardot frolics through the film with nary a self-conscious moment, culminating in a passionate mambo, her pent-up frustration and sexual confusion exploding in a mad dance as bongos pound away on the soundtrack. Who needed Viagra in the '50s when Bardot was around? "--Sean Axmaker"