Enigma - Remember the Future (2001) USA
Enigma - Remember the Future Image Cover
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Director:Hunter Cressall
Studio:Virgin Records Us
Writer:Brad Hodson
Rating:4.5 (38 votes)
Date Added:2007-10-20
Genre:Musicals & Performing Arts
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Hunter Cressall  ...  (Director)
Brad Hodson  ...  (Writer)
Enigma  ...  
Shannon Hodson  ...  Barokio
Creed Bowlen  ...  Lance Van Brockington
Cindy Carter  ...  Ultimate Twister X Referee
Hunter Cressall  ...  The Dinosaur
Lisa Fugate  ...  Evil Portuguese Councilor 2
Brad Hodson  ...  Evil Portuguese President
Laury Neil  ...  Young Buella
Kristen Nichols  ...  Buella Van Brockington / Cyborg
Summary: These are just great videos (altho some are greater than others, naturally). Moving art.

Some special effects were way ahead of their time.

My favourites are Beyond The Invisible and Return To Innocence.

I wish Enigma had more videos and would release them on another disc like this. that is, apart from the MCMXC ad the complete album dvd. The only other video that i can find out there is Voyageur, and that's on youtube. If there's more, tell me! but in the meantime, buy this dvd, no enigma collection is complete without it.