Fat Girl - Criterion Collection (2001) Japan
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Director:Catherine Breillat
Writer:Yoji Enokido, Kunihiko Ikuhara
Rating:3.5 (45 votes)
Date Added:2007-10-19
Genre:Art House & International
Picture Format:Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:1.85:1
Catherine Breillat  ...  (Director)
Yoji Enokido, Kunihiko Ikuhara  ...  (Writer)
Anaïs Reboux  ...  
Roxane Mesquida  ...  
Libero De Rienzo  ...  
Arsinée Khanjian  ...  
Romain Goupil  ...  
Leah Applebaum  ...  Nanami Kiryuu (1 episode)
Roxanne Beck  ...  Wakaba Shinohara (1 episode)
Sharon Becker  ...  Anthy Himemiya (1 episode)
Mandy Bonhomme  ...  Female Teacher (1 episode)
Crispin Freeman  ...  Dios (1 episode)
Yuriko Fuchizaki  ...  Anthy Himemiya (1 episode)
Aya Hisakawa  ...  Miki Kaoru (1 episode)
Yuka Imai  ...  Touga's mother (1 episode)
Tomoko Kawakami  ...  Utena Tenjô (1 episode)
Satomi Koorogi  ...  Chuchu (1 episode)
Takehito Koyasu  ...  Touga Kiryuu (1 episode)
Takeshi Kusao  ...  Kyôichi Saionji (1 episode)
Rachael Lillis  ...  Chu-Chu (1 episode)
Kotono Mitsuishi  ...  Jury Arisugawa (1 episode)
Yuri Shiratori  ...  Nanami Kiryû (1 episode)
Jack Taylor  ...  Kyôichi Saionji (1 episode)
Jimmy Zoppi  ...  Miki Kaoru (1 episode)
Amanda Goodman  ...  Female Teacher / ... (1 episode)
Summary: "Fat Girl" is a typically shocking, utterly discomfiting provocation from director Catherine Breillat, whose excursions into female psychology and movie sexuality are anything but clinical. (See "36 Fillette" and "Romance" for further proof.) Two adolescent sisters journey to the seaside on vacation with their parents; the younger sister is overweight and brooding, the older girl a beauty who attracts the attention of a smooth-talking boy. Much of the film is built around two painstaking seduction scenes, characteristically shot by Breillat with both comic and horrific overtones and long, uncomfortable takes. The final section then tips into an outright descent into hell--you can never let your guard down with Breillat. So complicated were the seduction scenes that Breillat subsequently made a feature about the shooting of them, "Sex Is Comedy". "Fat Girl" was released under an alternate title, "A ma soeur!", but "Fat Girl", in English, is Breillat's original and preferred title. "--Robert Horton"