Come to Viddy (1986) Greece
Come to Viddy Image Cover
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Director:Michael O'Herlihy
Studio:Sire / London/Rhino
Writer:Nikos Tsiforos
Rating:5.0 (14 votes)
Date Added:2007-10-19
Genre:Music Video & Concerts
Aspect Ratio:1.33 : 1
Michael O'Herlihy  ...  (Director)
Nikos Tsiforos  ...  (Writer)
George Peppard  ...  
Dirk Benedict  ...  
Dwight Schultz  ...  
Eddie Velez  ...  
Mr. T  ...  
Smaroula Giouli  ...  Roula Giore (as Smaro Giouli)
Nikos Stavridis  ...  Antonis Toukouras
Mimis Fotopoulos  ...  Fotis Giores
Giannis Ioannidis  ...  Harilaos Toukouras
Sperantza Vrana  ...  Nana
Lela Patrikiou  ...  Aunt Eleni
Nikos Vastardis  ...  Kostas
Stavros Bogiantzopoulos  ...  Musician
G. Dedes  ...  Musician (as I. Dedes)
Litsa Harma  ...  Singer (as Duo Harma)
Tolis Harmas  ...  Singer (as Duo Harma)
P. Makris  ...  Musician
H. Mallidis  ...  Orchestra Conductor (as Babis Mallidis)
Nikos Papadakis  ...  Singer
Fotis Polymeris  ...  Singer
Summary: this is probably the most scariest thing ever on film, yes its that disturbing!, its the most bizarre scariest nightmare in 5 mintutes and definatly the scariest music video along with the scariest song or music i've ever heard.The Face screaming "I want your soul!" makes it seem like it is refering to the viewer/you which gives the viewer an isolated helpless feeling of fear when watching this video.
Let's hope director chris cunningham will film the scariest movie ever one day, The exorcist doesn't or even any scary movie comes close to the horror of come to daddy.
watch this video in the dark, late at night alone if you dare as i have! but be prepared for a shock so don't say i didn't warn you....