Film from Slovenia (1995) UK
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Director:Daniel Landin, Peter Vezjak
Studio:Atavistic Records
Rating:4.0 (2 votes)
Date Added:2007-10-19
Genre:Music Video & Concerts
Daniel Landin, Peter Vezjak  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Laibach  ...  
Milan Fras  ...  Himself (as Laibach)
Dejan Knez  ...  Himself (as Laibach)
Ervin Markosek  ...  Himself (as Laibach)
Ivan Novak  ...  Himself (as Laibach)
Slavoj Zizek  ...  Himself
Summary: This video is the best explanation of Laibach that you can find. They get to describe their work in their own words; you get a sense of their music and their drama.
You can also get a glimpse of Slovenian society, their take on all this. The truth about Laibach is always a bit polemical. You see (in the movie) the apparachiks of the Yugoslav state interviewing a very young Laibach, and them dismissing them as a dangerous, I don't know, CharlesMansonesque cult. Then, you see a Yugoslav intellectual deconstructing Laibach and revealing it as the anti-totalitarian critique that it is.
In the West, we have not had to live through socialist totalitarianism, although many of us are familiar with socialist utopianism. Laibach is the death knell of socialist utopianism.
Once you get over the shock value, Laibach is just great fun. This is a video to laugh over. I would not want to underemphasize the political and social significance of Laibach. And the irony-challenged should stay away. But this movie is as funny today as when it first came out some eight years ago.