Dawn of the Dead (1979) USA
Dawn of the Dead Image Cover
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Director:George A. Romero
Studio:Starz / Anchor Bay
Producer:Alfredo Cuomo, Claudio Argento, Donna Siegel, Richard P. Rubinstein
Writer:George A. Romero, James Gunn
Rating:4.5 (521 votes)
Date Added:2007-10-19
Awards:1 win & 6 nominations
Picture Format:Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:1.85:1
Subtitles:Spanish, French
Features:Box set
George A. Romero  ...  (Director)
George A. Romero, James Gunn  ...  (Writer)
Ted Bank  ...  
Tony Buba  ...  
Sharon Ceccatti  ...  
Pan Chatfield  ...  
Jim Christopher  ...  
Sarah Polley  ...  Ana
Ving Rhames  ...  Kenneth
Jake Weber  ...  Michael
Mekhi Phifer  ...  Andre
Ty Burrell  ...  Steve
Michael Kelly  ...  CJ
Kevin Zegers  ...  Terry
Michael Barry  ...  Bart
Lindy Booth  ...  Nicole
Jayne Eastwood  ...  Norma
Boyd Banks  ...  Tucker
Inna Korobkina  ...  Luda
R.D. Reid  ...  Glen
Kim Poirier  ...  Monica
Matt Frewer  ...  Frank
David Emge  ...  
Ken Foree  ...  
Scott H. Reiniger  ...  
Gaylen Ross  ...  
David Crawford  ...  
Michael Gornick  ...  Cinematographer
Dario Argento  ...  Editor
Comments: When the undead rise, civilization will fall.

Summary: George Romero's 1978 follow-up to his classic "Night of the Living Dead" is quite terrifying and gory (those zombies do like the taste of living flesh). But in its own way, it is just as comically satiric as the first film in its take on contemporary values. This time, we follow the fortunes of four people who lock themselves inside a shopping mall to get away from the marauding dead and who then immerse themselves in unabashed consumerism, taking what they want from an array of clothing and jewelry shops, making gourmet meals, etc. It is Romero's take on Louis XVI in the modern world: keep the starving masses at bay and crank up the insulated indulgence. Still, this is a horror film when all is said and done, and even some of Romero's best visual jokes (a Hare Krishna turned blue-skinned zombie) can make you sweat. "--Tom Keogh"