Blood on the Sun (1945) USA
Blood on the Sun Image Cover
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Director:Frank Lloyd
Studio:Hollywood Movie Classics
Producer:William Cagney
Writer:Lester Cole, Nathaniel Curtis
Date Added:2007-03-06
Purchased On:2007-06-03
Awards:Won Oscar.
Aspect Ratio:1.37 : 1
Languages:English, Japanese
Features:Black & White
Frank Lloyd  ...  (Director)
Lester Cole, Nathaniel Curtis  ...  (Writer)
James Cagney  ...  Nick Condon
Sylvia Sidney  ...  Iris Hilliard
Porter Hall  ...  Arthur Bickett
John Emery  ...  Premier Giichi Tanaka
Robert Armstrong  ...  Col. Hideki Tojo
Wallace Ford  ...  Ollie Miller
Rosemary DeCamp  ...  Edith Miller
John Halloran  ...  Capt. Oshima
Leonard Strong  ...  Hijikata
James Bell  ...  Charley Sprague
Marvin Miller  ...  Yamada
Rhys Williams  ...  Joseph Cassell
Frank Puglia  ...  Prince Tatsugi
Theodor Sparkuhl  ...  Cinematographer
Truman K. Wood  ...  Editor
Comments: To know their secret is to court Death !

Summary: Cagney is a crusading newspaper editor in 1930s Japan who's come into possession of the "Tanaka Plan" for world domination. Amidst political intrigue and crossed loyalties, Cagney must now find a way to warn the outside world. A fine, entertaining melodrama that's based in fact, with Cagney as good as ever, but this time with judo chops. If only the Japanese knew some kind of hand-to-hand combat, they might be able to stand a chance against Cagney. Dated only by its condescension towards the Japanese, Blood on the Sun never slacks its pace, providing quick-witted patter all along in the mark of the classic Hollywood style. It seems peculiarly American (in an inadvertent way, of course) that in the film's final moments the day should be saved by none other than Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont). --Jim Gay