G.I. Joe: The Movie (1987) Japan
G.I. Joe: The Movie Image Cover
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Director:Don Jurwich
Studio:Rhino / Wea
Producer:Don Jurwich, Jay Bacal, Joe Bacal, Lee Gunther, Margaret Loesch, Masaharu Etô
Writer:Ron Friedman
Date Added:2006-03-20
Picture Format:Pan & Scan
Aspect Ratio:1.33 : 1
Sound:Dolby Digital 5.1
Languages:English, Dolby Digital 5.1
Full Screen
Don Jurwich  ...  (Director)
Ron Friedman  ...  (Writer)
Charles Adler  ...  Low Light (voice) (as Charlie Adler)
Shûko Akune  ...  Jinx (voice)
Jack Angel  ...  Wetsuit (voice)
Michael Bell  ...  Duke / Xamot / Blowtorch / Lift Ticket (voice)
Gregg Berger  ...  Motorviper (voice)
Earl Boen  ...  Taurus (voice)
Arthur Burghardt  ...  Destro / Iceberg (voice)
Corey Burton  ...  Tomax (voice)
William Callaway  ...  Beach-Head (voice)
François Chau  ...  Quick Kick (voice)
Peter Cullen  ...  Zandar / Nemesis Enforcer / Scientist (voice)
Brian Cummings  ...  Dr. Mindbender (voice)
Jennifer Darling  ...  Pythona (voice)
Laurie Faso  ...  Tunnel Rat (voice)
Hank Garret  ...  Dial Tone (voice)
Richard Gautier  ...  Serpentor (voice) (as Dick Gautier)
Ed Gilbert  ...  General Hawk (voice)
Dan Gilvezan  ...  Slip Stream (voice)
Zack Hoffman  ...  Zartan (voice)
Kene Holliday  ...  Roadblock (voice)
John Hostetter  ...  Bazooka (voice)
Don Johnson  ...  Lt. Falcon (voice)
Buster Jones  ...  Doc (voice)
Chris Latta  ...  Cobra Commander
Morgan Lofting  ...  Baroness (voice)
Chuck McCann  ...  Leatherneck (voice)
Michael McConnohie  ...  Cross Country (voice)
Mary McDonald-Lewis  ...  Lady Jaye (voice)
Burgess Meredith  ...  Golobulus (voice)
Ron Ortiz  ...  Law (voice)
Rob Paulsen  ...  Snowjob (voice)
Patrick Pinney  ...  Mainframe (voice)
Poncie Ponce  ...  Red Dog (voice)
Lisa Raggio  ...  Zarana / Heather (voice)
Bill Ratner  ...  Flint (voice)
Neil Ross  ...  Buzzer / Monkeywrench / Shipwreck / Hector Ramirez (voice)
Brad Sanders  ...  Big Lob (voice)
Ted Schwartz  ...  Thrasher (voice)
Sgt. Slaughter  ...  Sgt. Slaughter (voice)
Chris Taboni  ...  Mercer (voice)
B.J. Ward  ...  Scarlett (voice)
Vernee Watson-Johnson  ...  Scientist (voice)
Lee Weaver  ...  Alpine (voice)
Frank Welker  ...  Torch / Wild Bill / Order (voice)
Stan Wojno  ...  Life Line (voice)
Shuko Akune  ...  Jinx (voice)
Jackson Beck  ...  Narrator (voice)
Summary: Our favorite American hero has returned in this rerelease of the now cult-classic G.I. Joe movie from 1987. Once again G.I. Joe must protect the world from total obliteration. Cobra, the deadliest of foes and leader of an underground race of snake people, is proving to be a great threat to humankind. After spending many generations underground, he plans to take over the world again (with the help of his evil foes Pythona and Serpentor) by releasing deadly spores into the atmosphere. These spores can transform all life into the weakest of creatures, which means humans could potentially devolve into amoebas. However, in order to accomplish this, Cobra must acquire the Broadcast Energy Transmitter. (The BET activates the spores.) Luckily G.I. Joe is there to stop Cobra and his evil army. There are terrific fight scenes in which nobody gets hurt (like in all great A-Team episodes) and the cartoon style is true to the G.I. Joe character. All your favorite G.I. Joe characters are here, including Falcon, Bazooka, Alpine, Duke, Snowjob, and Roadblock. Starring voices also help lend a hand: Don Johnson, Burgess Meredith, and Sergeant Slaughter. Forever and always G.I. Joe will be "fighting for freedom wherever there's trouble, over land and sea and air!"--Samantha Allen Storey