Gremlins (1984) USA
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Director:Joe Dante
Studio:Warner Home Video
Producer:Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, Michael Finnell, Steven Spielberg
Writer:Chris Columbus
Date Added:2007-03-06
Purchased On:2007-06-03
Awards:7 wins & 5 nominations
Picture Format:Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:1.85:1
Languages:English, Dolby Digital 5.1, French, Spanish, Unknown
Subtitles:English, Spanish, French
Joe Dante  ...  (Director)
Chris Columbus  ...  (Writer)
Hoyt Axton  ...  Randall Peltzer
John Louie  ...  Chinese Boy
Keye Luke  ...  Grandfather (Mr. Wing)
Don Steele  ...  Rockin' Ricky Rialto (voice)
Susan Burgess  ...  Little Girl
Scott Brady  ...  Sheriff Frank
Arnie Moore  ...  Alex
Corey Feldman  ...  Pete Fountaine
Harry Carey Jr.  ...  Mr. Anderson
Zach Galligan  ...  Billy Peltzer
Dick Miller  ...  Murray Futterman
Phoebe Cates  ...  Kate Beringer
Polly Holliday  ...  Ruby Deagle
Donald Elson  ...  Man on Street
Belinda Balaski  ...  Mrs. Joe Harris
Daniel Llewelyn  ...  
Edward Andrews  ...  
Judge Reinhold  ...  
Lois Foraker  ...  
Chuck Jones  ...  
John Hora  ...  Cinematographer
Tina Hirsch  ...  Editor
Comments: Cute. Clever. Mischievous. Intelligent. Dangerous.

Summary: Gremlins is a whee of a film (if you don't mind the occasional gross-out) from producer Steven Spielberg, writer Chris Columbus, and director Joe Dante. Zach Galligan is the young man whose inventor father (Hoyt Axton) gives him an odd Christmas present: a tiny, furry creature that comes with a set of rules: don't get him wet, don't feed him after midnight, and keep him away from direct sunlight. But Galligan breaks the first rule and the damp little critter pops out a dozen little offspring. Then the offspring break the second rule and, overnight, turn from cute furry guys to malevolent scaly guys with world domination on their mind. The only way to stop them: rule three. But it's an anxious (and extremely funny) battle to make it to daylight--and the bad gremlins find ways to multiply over and over. Great special effects and a gruesome sense of humor make this a wild (if occasionally dark and scary) ride. --Marshall Fine