Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex, Vol. 2 (2004) Japan
Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex, Vol. 2 Image Cover
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Director:Kenji Kamiyama
Studio:Manga Video
Writer:Mary Claypool, Junichi Fujisaku
Date Added:2006-03-28
Awards:1 win
Picture Format:Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:1.78 : 1
Languages:English, Japanese
Kenji Kamiyama  ...  (Director)
Mary Claypool, Junichi Fujisaku  ...  (Writer)
Atsuko Tanaka  ...  Major Motoko Kusanagi
Osamu Saka  ...  Chief Daisuke Aramaki
Akio Ôtsuka  ...  Batou
Kôichi Yamadera  ...  Togusa
Yutaka Nakano  ...  Ishikawa
Tôru Ôkawa  ...  Saito
Takashi Onozuka  ...  Paz (2 episodes, 2003)
Taro Yamaguchi  ...  Borma
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn  ...  Major Motoko / ... (2 episodes, 2003)
William Knight  ...  Chief Daisuke Aramaki
Richard Epcar  ...  Batou
Crispin Freeman  ...  Togusa
Michael McCarty  ...  Ishikawa
Dave Wittenberg  ...  Saito
Bob Buchholz  ...  Paz (2 episodes, 2003)
Dean Elliott  ...  Borma
Ethan Murray  ...  Doctor / ... (2 episodes, 2003)
Hiroshi Yanaka  ...  Fukami
Dino Andrade  ...  Children (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Kevin Brief  ...  Kanzaki (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Loy Edge  ...  SWAT (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Barbara Goodson  ...  Maruta (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Michael Gregory  ...  Reiko (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Kate Higgins  ...  Children (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Paddy Lee  ...  Fom (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Michael McConnohie  ...  Commander (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Liam O'Brien  ...  Fake Laughing Man (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Peggy O'Neal  ...  Girl (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Douglas Rye  ...  Litton (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Barry Stigler  ...  Foreign Minister (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Doug Stone  ...  Matsuoka (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Julie Ann Taylor  ...  Miyahara (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Kari Wahlgren  ...  Sales Person (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Tom Wyner  ...  Interior Minister (51 episodes, 2002-2005)
Bob Papenbrook  ...  Doorman (50 episodes, 2002-2005)
Mari Devon  ...  Seymour (27 episodes, 2003-2005)
Ryûji Saikachi  ...  
Natsuo Tokuhiro  ...  
Shiro Saito  ...  
Daisuke Egawa  ...  
Hikari Yono  ...  
John Snyder  ...  Kazundo Gouda (23 episodes, 2004-2005)
Comments: A New Beginning, A New Threat...

Summary: Major Motoko Kusanagi, Batou, Togusa, and the other officers from Public Security Section 9 battle crimes involving hackers, data tampering, and cyber-drugs as the broadcast series based on Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell continues. In "Missing Hearts," they pursue a gang of medical students involved in the black market sale of human organs--an unusual subject, as transplant surgery is much rarer in Japan than in America. The character of Batou is more entertaining in the TV series than in Ghost in the Shell II: Innocence. He's action-oriented and engages the other characters in coversation, instead of endlessly quoting Eastern and Western philosophers. Tachikoma, the crab-like robot with the cutesy voice, is an improbable presence in a show that features so much blood and hard-hitting action. The interstitial adventures involving multiple Tachikomas feel like scenes from an unrelated children's program. Extras include interviews with composer Yoko Kanno and the Japanese voice actor who performs the role of Aramaki. There's also a two-disc deluxe edition that boasts DTS 5.1 soundtracks in English and Japanese, plus a CD of Kanno's music from the series. (Rated 13 and older: considerable violence, grotesque imagery, nudity, alcohol and tobacco use) --Charles Solomon