By Brakhage - Anthology - Criterion Collection (2001)
By Brakhage - Anthology - Criterion Collection Image Cover
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Director:Stan Brakhage
Producer:Stan Brakhage
Writer:Stan Brakhage
Date Added:2006-03-27
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Features:Black & White
Stan Brakhage  ...  (Director)
Stan Brakhage  ...  (Writer)
Jane Brakhage  ...  Cinematographer
Myrrena Brakhage  ...  
Stan Brakhage  ...  Cinematographer
Bearthm Brakhage  ...  
Crystal Brakhage  ...  
Summary: While you go out to see most other kinds of movies, you must go inward to see the extraordinary avant-garde films of Stan Brakhage. Foremost among American experimental film artists, Brakhage influenced the evolution of the moving image for nearly 50 years (his impact is readily seen on MTV), and this meticulously prepared Criterion Collection anthology represents a virtual goldmine of Brakhage's finest, most challenging work. Challenging because--as observed by Brakhage film scholar Fred Camper in the accompanying booklet--these 26 carefully selected films require the viewer to be fully receptive to "the act of seeing with one's own eyes" (to quote the title of one film, consisting entirely of autopsy footage), which is to say, open to the perceptual and psychological responses that are provoked by Brakhage's non-narrative shorts, ranging here from nine seconds to 31 minutes in length. While "Dog Star Man" (1961-64) is regarded as Brakhage's masterpiece, what emerges from this superb collection is the creative coherence of Brakhage's total vision. Through multilayered textures (often painted or scratched directly on film) and infinite combinations of imagery and rhythmic cutting, these films (most of them soundless) represent the most daring and purely artistic fulfillment of Criterion's ongoing goal to preserve important films on DVD. --Jeff Shannon