The Bicycle Thief (1948) Italy
The Bicycle Thief Image Cover
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Director:Vittorio De Sica
Studio:Image Entertainment
Writer:Luigi Bartolini, Cesare Zavattini
Date Added:2006-03-27
Awards:Nominated for Oscar. Another 16 wins
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Languages:Italian, Dolby Digital 1.0
Features:Black & White
Vittorio De Sica  ...  (Director)
Luigi Bartolini, Cesare Zavattini  ...  (Writer)
Lamberto Maggiorani  ...  Antonio Ricci
Enzo Staiola  ...  Bruno
Lianella Carell  ...  Maria
Gino Saltamerenda  ...  Baiocco
Vittorio Antonucci  ...  The Thief
Giulio Chiari  ...  The Beggar
Elena Altieri  ...  The charitable Lady
Carlo Jachino  ...  A Beggar
Michele Sakara  ...  Secretary of the Charity Organization
Emma Druetti  ...  
Fausto Guerzoni  ...  Amateur Actor
Summary: Vittorio De Sica's remarkable 1947 drama of desperation and survival in Italy's devastating post-war depression earned a special Oscar for its affecting power. Shot in the streets and alleys of Rome, De Sica uses the real-life environment of contemporary life to frame his moving drama of a desperate father whose new job delivering cinema posters is threatened when a street thief steals his bicycle. Too poor to buy another, he and his son take to the streets in an impossible search for his bike. Cast with nonactors and filled with the real street life of Rome, this landmark film helped define the Italian neorealist approach with its mix of real life details, poetic imagery, and warm sentimentality. De Sica uses the wandering pair to witness the lives of everyday folks, but ultimately he paints a quiet, poignant portrait of father and son, played by nonprofessionals Lamberto Maggiorani and Enzo Staiola, whose understated performances carry the heart of the film. De Sica and scenarist Cesare Zavattini also collaborated on Shoeshine, Miracle in Milan, and Umberto D, all classics in the neorealist vein, but none of which approach the simple poetry and quiet power achieved in The Bicycle Thief. --Sean Axmaker