Favorite TV shows of the week: November 16th to November 22nd

1) Dexter – “The Damage A Man Can Do” +4
2) Fringe – “The Equation” +5
3) Entourage
– “Play’n With Fire” -1
4) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – “The Nightman Cometh” -3
5) The Office – “Frame Toby” -2
6) Pushing Daisies – “Oh Oh Oh It’s Magic” Not Aired
7) 30 Rock – “Gavin Volure” -1
8) Boston Legal – “Kill, Baby, Kill” -4
9) South Park – “The Ungroundable” +3
10) Kath and Kim – “Desire” -2
11) Chuck – “Chuck Versus the Fat Lady” -1
12) My Name Is Earl – “Nature’s Game Show” -3
13) Family Guy – “Tales of Third Grade Nothing” -2
14) House – “Emancipation” -1
15) Eli Stone – “The Humanitarian” -1
16) American Dad – “Pulling Double Booty” -1
17) Heroes – “It’s Coming” +1
18) King of the Hill – “A Bill Full of Dollars” -2
19) The Simpsons – “Homer and Lisa Exchange” -2
20) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – “Complications” -1

The Wrestler

The trailer for the new Darren Aronofsky film “The Wrestler” is finally officially online. I’m a big Darren Aronofsky fan, I loved The Fountain even though most of my friends are pretty mixed about it. Although Aronofsky didn’t write The Wrester it still looks like a great film with a great performance from Mickey Rourke. I’m definitely looking forward to this one.


Baby G and Noddy

I was still living in Baltimore when Baby G was born this past February. While I was down there I purchased him a “Noddy” doll to give him when I came back to NJ. At the time the doll was much bigger than he was. Now he’s bigger than Noddy. Here’s a picture of Baby G and Noddy.

Baby G and Noddy

Favorite TV Shows of the week: November 9th to November 15th

1) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – “The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover” +4
2) Entourage – “Seth Green Day” -1
3) The Office – “Business Trip” +1
4) Boston Legal – “Roe” -1
5) Dexter – “Easy As Pie” -3
6) 30 Rock – “The One with the Cast of “Night Court” +1
7) Fringe – “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones” Not Aired
8) Kath and Kim – “Jealousy” No Change
9) My Name Is Earl – “Earl and Joy’s Anniversary” -2
10) Chuck – “Chuck Versus the Ex” Not Aired
11) Family Guy – “The Man With Two Brians” No Change
12) South Park – “Elementary School Musical” -3
13) House – “The Itch” Not Aired
14) Eli Stone – “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” Not Aired
15) American Dad – “Escape From Pearl Bailey” -3
16) King of the Hill – “No Bobby Left Behind” -3
17) The Simpsons – “Dangerous Curves” -7
18) Heroes – “Villains” Not Aired
19) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – “Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today” -5

Making Art with Baby G

The following 2 pieces are my new artworks titled “Making Art with Baby G”. You can see higher quality versions of them under the artwork > digital section. Enjoy!

Top 5 Beautiful Ladies

Almost 3 years ago I had put up a top 12 list of my favorite sexiest animated characters. Today I’m giving you my top 5 real living breathing beautiful ladies, or as I say, my “to do” list.

Zooey Deschanel
Zoey Deschanel
Anna Friel
Anna Friel
Jenna Fischer
Jenna Fischer
Tina Fey
Tina Fey
Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

and honorable mention of course goes to Scarlett Johanson and Natalie Portman. There’s a few others that I quite fancy, one of them being Judy Greer, she seems like a lot of fun, someone who I would want to spend all of my time with. All of these beautiful ladies are delicious, kinda like a bacon cheese burger. Mmmmmmm, tasty!

Who’s your favorite?

Caitlin Ryan Clothing Line

My friend Caitlin designed clothes for this video here. My friends Jess, Briners, Whitney and Q-Bert are the models and stars of the video. I don’t know the girl who filmed and edited the video but she’s very talented. The music in it is also great. Such a well done video, I find it very inspiring: