On Saturday me and Chris and his workmates went down to Baltimore for the day. Headed over to the Brewer’s Art for some delicious beers and dinner. I forgot to pick up a couple bottles for myself. Maybe I’ll head down next week ago. After dinner we went to Camden Yards for the Orioles vs. Nationals game. Orioles won, after the game they were showing Field of Dreams on the big screen at the park. We decided to skip that and instead headed to Little Italy and my favorite dessert place Vaccaro’s. I love that place, whenever I’m in town I have to stop there and get the tiramisu gelato. Gosh that sure is good.

Yesterday I watched the race. Ryan Newman had a lousy car and got a little banged up from some wrecks around him. It looked like it was about to rain and Newman was leading but the crew miscalculated how much fuel he had in his tank and he had to pit. 3 laps later the rain came and the race ended. Newman finished 29th. Took a big chance and it didn’t work out. Despite that he only dropped 1 spot in the standings down to 7th. We’ll get them next time.

Now I’m about to head to my usual Monday night hang out spot, Jo Jo’s Tavern. I meet the guys there every week for food and drink and we hang out and celebrate out friendship. Pretty exciting. See you there!

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