Spartan Sprint at Citizens Bank Park

Finished my 5th Spartan Race of 2013 today. Today was a relatively simple course, I only say simple because last week was the Spartan World Championship in Killington VT. That race was the hardest and most brutal challenge that I’ve ever done. Today’s Spartan Sprint at Citizens Bank Park was literally a walk in the park! Now, with every Spartan Race I’ve done, from the Sprints to the Super to the Beast, I’ve always stuck with my team. However, today was the day that we unleashed hell on both the course and each other. Today was a competition between Mike, Chris and myself. The prize would be bragging rights. I’m going to do a play by play from my point of view.


Our heat started at 11 AM. We lined up on the starting grid and the countdown started, GO!!! I started off with a slow jog, slow and steady wins the race. Mike and Chris did the same. First up were the cords along up and down the ramps at CBP. Over and under a countless number of a tangled mess of bungee cords while making your way to the upper deck. At this point we’re all racing together, Chris and Mike passed me. Once we got to the top we started running stairs and across the upper deck bleachers. This is where I took the lead, they may have taken a wrong turn and I was really good on the steps. I was moving well and had a pretty good lead at this point while going through the concourses and opened it up even more when tackling the 25lb slam ball and going through the O-U-T (over, under, through) walls. Again, more steps, more running. I really opened it up. The Hercules hoist, lifting a large cement stone to the top of a pulley and then slowly back down, Chris was right next to me. Next up, monkey bars, was moving really good though them, however, the monkey bars are designed to be tough, I went reaching for the next bar but it was maybe 3 or 4 inches higher than what it should have been, I missed it and fell, 30 burpees! I start them immediately, around burpee 15 I see Mike easily make it though then I see Chris easily make it though. I’m now in 3rd.

Immediately after were the rowing machines. 500m in 2 minutes. No problem. I quickly found a free machine (right next to Chris). Didn’t see Mike (must have been doing it already). I begin rowing and Chris finishes his as I’m doing mine. Aroo. I got it and moved on, water station, had a cup of water, Mike was there also with water. Chris must have kept going, didn’t see him. Up next was a 6 ft wall. No challenge for Mike and I. More running to the top and more of those bungee cords. And then the Hobie band. A rubber band we put around our ankles and then we have to go up 2 more ramps with this band. Mike is in sight but it’s tough to move with this band. More running through the concourses and up and down the stands. I could be wrong but I think the 7 and 8 foot walls were after this. Mike was right in front of me and he gets over both walls before me but I’m not far behind. No sign of Chris, we must have passed him at this point.

Not sure if there are more obstacles in between but I finally catch up with Mike again at the next water station. Had a couple of cups and the spear throw is next. I GOT IT! I had a perfect throw and it stuck, I throw up my arms, pure adrenaline took over at this point. I take off, I look back and I see Mike miss the spear toss! He had to do burpees. This was my chance to open it up but it’s time for the rope climb. I quickly grabbed a rope and began pulling myself up. I don’t want to say it was easy but to be honest I don’t know how I did it but I made it to the top and slapped that bell. Still pumped up from the spear toss. I lower myself off the rope and look back for Mike and I see Chris on the rope right as he’s about to hit the bell!!! He must have been so far ahead of us and I caught up with him. He was exhausted as he fell off the rope but sprinted to the next obstacle, the Atlas Carry, I slowly jog.

The Atlas Carry is a large cement stone that you pick up off the ground and bring it from one side to the other and do 5 burpees. Chris was already on the other side and then I got to the other side and he was in pain. I asked if he needed any help and said his hands were hurting him, possibly from the rope climb just before that. I do my burpees and move on, asking him again if he needed help. He waved me off. At this point I was locked in and nothing was going to slow me down. I had the lead, Chris was in second and Mike in third. 40 jump ropes next with a big heavy rope. Done. Sandbags up and down the bleachers. Done. 2 giant water jugs up and down the bleachers. Done. I was moving as fast as I could.

Easily running through more bleachers, more steps, more concourses, down into the locker room. 20 hand release pushups. Easily done. Running outside onto the field, the race is almost over. 20 box jumps. Not easy but finished pretty quickly (fell and almost hurt myself due to going too fast). Military walls next, 4 5’ in succession which I easily leaped over. Sprinting around the warning track now, my sister, Giovanni and my Dad cheering me on, I see Mike’s brother cheering me on. Traverse wall next. I leaped up onto the wall, I moved quickly but took my time (does that make sense?). I slammed that bell at the end. Cargo net. the camera man was right there but I got up and over that so quickly that he might not have gotten the picture off. At that point it was just the gladiators. I was in a full sprint, throwing my arms in the air trying to egg on the gladiators. Still nothing but pure adrenaline after that spear toss. The gladiators hit me like a bunch of girls (nothing like those physical freaks at Killington). From what I hear Mike passed Chris on the field coming to the finish line. It was a close race!

Final results are:
Me: 1:01:42
Mike: 1:08:37
Chris: 1:09:44


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