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Absolutely amazed by how incredible my #salming Greyhounds have been to me. Just completed over 950 miles on this single pair of shoes! I’ve never had a pair of shoes that even came close to half that mileage. All of my shoes wear on the bottom outside heel to the point where my gait and foot strike is altered, even though there is wear in that spot on this it’s not nearly the chunk that goes missing in other pairs. Also, the material on the outside toebox in other shoes tends to wear so much that it creates a big hole that exposes my little toe, even though the Greyhounds wore thin in that spot the hole was never created. And this is all with more than DOUBLE the mileage!!!! I’m amazed by the build quality of these shoes and how long they last. They’re so affordable too compared to other brands of this caliber. An incredible value! I highly recommend the Greyhounds (or really any other Salming show). You can get 20% off by using the code BECKFRIENDS. . . @salmingrunningnorthamerica #salmingambassador #nononsense #RunSwedish #instarunners #marathontraining #trailrunning #runner #running @salmingrunning #salmingrunning #salmingrunningnorthamerica #salminggreyhound

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