Catching up…

I’ve finally got a chance to mention a few things on my blog that I’ve been meaning to talk about.

My birthday was back in August. Giovanni painted me a picture. I took a picture of it. It’s me with a Maker’s Mark bottle in my hand. On the floor are empty Maker’s Mark bottles. Even 3 1/2 year old Giovanni knows that I have a problem. Thanks for the dino poop!


A few other things. Over the summer on one of my many visits to Baltimore I discovered a new restaurant/bar. Alewife. They opened up in September of 2010. They boast a 40 tap bar with over 100 bottles. All really great stuff too. The place itself is gorgeous and the service is wonderful. The food is out of this world. I got the smoke burger and was BLOWN AWAY by it. Look at the menu on their site to find out more about it. Here’s some pictures:


I was there a couple of weekends ago and once again had a great time. The burger this time around was stuffed with crab imperial. A very nice addition. During the last visit to Batimore I went to the Ravens game. GO RAVENS. To eat I went to the Blue Moon Cafe (had awesome Captain Crunch french toast) and went to the Paper Moon Diner. Also made my normal stop to my favorite liquor store, The Wine Source. Here’s what I bought:

Dogfish Head – Punkin – 4 pack bottles
Duclaw – Mad Bishop – 6 pack bottles
Brewer’s Art – Ozzy – 750ml bottle
Brewer’s Art – Le Canard – 750ml bottle
Brewer’s Art – Green Peppercorn Tripel – 750ml bottle

I know, mostly Baltimore beers, well, I was in Baltimore!

This past weekend I took my parents to the Mütter Museum in Philly. My good buddy Jen hooked us up with free passes! Thanks Jen! Afterwards we went to the Memphis Taproom.

Yes, everywhere I travel revolves around eating and drinking. I’ve been using the TV Food Maps app and finding all these great places. I can hardly wait for my next trip!

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