NBC recently announced their Spring 2008 lineup and here's some shows that we believe will be big hits.

Mammoth? That's My Mother! (Tuesday, 8PM)
This show is about a mother who recently moved in with a newly married couple. The mother claims that her stay is just 'temporary' but days turns to months and then the real fun begins!

Dunk & Hanno (Wednesday, 8PM)
Hanno, a well off member of royalty, teams up with Dunk, a lazy and iirritable elephant. Dunk teaches Hanno that there's more to life than what's behind his castles walls and Hanno teaches Dunk to become a more sophisticated elephant. Yet, their misadventures are a constant source of hilarity.

Mastodon (Wednesday, 9PM)
In a time when the wild was wild and the fierce were fierce one elephant attempted to become more than an elephant. This gripping adventure is jam packed with packed jam that the adventure is oozing from the television set and onto your floor. A floor that will have to be mopped up at some point or it will begin to smell like something that reminds you of cheese that's been left out for 3 months. But worse!