The football game between the Asian Elephants and the African Elephants was quite exhilirating. After the match each elephant on both teams looked as if they have just come back from war. And i'm not talking about war in modern times, i'm talking about war back when we used Greek fire! These weren't normal soccer players. These were highly trained combatants that went in knowing they were going to put a hurt on their opponents.

At first the match started off rather peaceful. Both the Asians and the Africans had their own strategies. The Africans plan was to use their sheer braun and dominate by holding the ball as much as they could. The Asians plan was to use their dominant numbers and send in fresh replacements when needed.

The innumerable replacements that the Asians were able to send in proved to be effective in the early portions of the game. The Africans caught on and began using their own unconventional methods. These methods included covering the ball in what we believe to be the Africans saliva. These diseases that the Afican elephants were naturally immune to proved devastating to the Asians. Nearly half of the Asian team was wiped out due to this widespread disease.

The remaining Asian elephants were no match for the much larger African elephants. Victory proved imminent. The African elephants slaughtered the remained Asian elephants. The coach of the Asian team, coach Babar says "I'm shocked and appalled that their use of germ warfare in this game was allowed. I'm not too worried, next year a Shaolin monk is guiding us to a win."

The final results of the match were 56 to 40 in favor of the African elephants. A rematch will be next spring when both teams are fully recovered from their wounds. This match can be seen this Sunday, March 30th at 7PM on ESPN Classic.