The top 5 albums for the month of April as decided by Elephantimes. Ok, so these albums are from humans. And they're not from April. Nor are they from this year. But they're all good albums and they have the word 'elephant' in their title.

Mick Harvey - Pink Elephants
Release Date: 1997
Label: Mute Records
Length: 46:45

Pink Elephants is Mick Harvey's second collection of Serge Gainsbourg covers.

Mick Harvey - Pink Elephants

The Elephant Table Album - A Compilation of Difficult Music
Release Date: 1983
Label: Xtract

The Elephant Table Album: a compilation of difficult music was a 1983 Compilation album, released on Xtract Records. The Double album was compiled by music journalist Dave Henderson following a series of articles by him in Sounds, the British music paper. It was reissued on CD by the same label in 1989, but with the tracks sourced from the vinyl release rather than the master tape,[1] and the number of tracks reduced from 21 to 17.[2] The tracks consisted of a selection by lesser-known experimental, industrial and electronic artists of the period.

The Elephant Table Album

John Morris - The Elephant Man (soundtrack)
Release Date: 1980
Label: Milan Records
Length: 40:38

This excellent score has a haunting main theme which conveys the feel of the movie itself, the story of John Merrick, a man with severe birth defects who is tortured and maligned as a sideshow freak.

John Morris - The Elephant Man

Arab Strap - Elephant Shoe
Release Date: 1999
Label: Jet Set Records

Elephant Shoe is the third album by Arab Strap, released in 1999.

Arab Stra - Elephant Shoe

Elefant - Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid
Release Date: 2003
Label: Kemado Records
Length: 32:32

Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid is the debut full-length album by American rock band Elefant. Originally released on April 8, 2003 by Kemado Records, it was re-released in October 2004 on Hollywood Records following the success of the single, "Misfit".