This is such bullshit. We here at Elephantimes were under the impression that this film was about a human on a quest to become an elephant. This film portrays elephants as agressive and fierce beasts that only wish to do the rest of the world harm. This is completely untrue and not our nature at all. Just the other day for example I was sitting in my backyard overlooking my garden of beautiful paphiopedilums while sipping a fine scotch and enjoying a mild flavored cigar and it occurred to me how beautiful this world is that we live in and how precious and fragile life is. We would never hurt anything, even lowly humans, but we would embrace life.

Yet, this film wants us to believe that elephants caused this humans monstrous appearance. The truth is that this human suffered from Proteus syndrome. The syndrome causes skin overgrowth and atypical bone development. Yes, I know what you're thinking, humans are already disgusting creatures and why would someone release a film to make humans even more ugly than they already are? Well, to be truthfully honest with you, i'm not gonna lie to you, I have no idea why anyone would want to make a film like this. They attempt to elephantize this human by making him lovable, but the truth is, he's not. This film drones on and on. If I wanted to see humans, i'd go to the zoo, or on a safari. However, the end of the film is redeeming. He dies! Like I said previously, elephants embrace all forms of life, but this is just a movie. A movie that tried to make elephants be the bad guys. So having him die in the end is a win for us.

Next week we'll review the movie version of the play "Rhinocerous" and see a hilarious look on how those pesky humans begin turning into our cousins the rhinocerous!

The Elephant Man