I know us elephants are known for having a great memory. However, when encountering a busy work day or a day or work that is busy, what a better way to relieve stress than with the help of a Personal Digital Assistant. Elephant Memory Systems, no stranger to digital storage, has just announced a brand spankin' new PDA.

You're probably thinking 'what the fuck am I going to be doing with another electronic device. I already have a music player, GPS, cell phone, calculator, oscillator, thermometer, credit cards and fishing pole.' Well, what if I tell you that this new device has all of that and more!

That's right, EMS has done it right and brought all of those goodies AND in 2 different colors! All of your favorite gadgets are included and the EMS scientists have incorporated more for you crazy guys out there. Read below for all that's included. EMS states that the device will be available in the 5th quarter.

Elephant Memory Systems

EMS device is for poopy heads!

What the device includes:

cell phone, calculator, thermometor, tachometer, GPS, MP3 player, digital credit cards/cash, 1TB of storage, oscillator, camera (36 MP), projector, Blu-Ray DVD player, maid service, on-the-fly language translator, cigar cutter, digital book reader, solar powered with battery backup, flashlight, ouiji board, barcode scanner, taser, bird feeder, phone book and MORE!

The device is also available in 2 colors; Earl Grey Grey and Clementine Orange.