Here's something you should know when going out on a date. The average female elephant weighs roughly 6,000 lbs. You should keep this in mind when making dinner or going out to a restaurant.

Choosing the right restaurant can be a chore. Not only should you find a restaurant that your lucky lady will find impressive and memorable but you should also find a restaurant that you will also enjoy. Find out what your date's food interests are, find out what food that she enjoys or what food she doesn't enjoy. This is actually the easiest part considering all elephants are plant-eaters.

Regardless, knowing that all elephants are plant-eaters doesn't make choosing the right restaurant any easier. Because elephants are such large creatures we can eat up to 20 hours a day. Finding a restaurant that can be open for that long can be a chore. That's why here at Elephantimes we did all the work for you and created a top 5 list of some of the best restaurants that you can take your new date to. Remember, even though we only eat leaves, grass and bark, we can weigh more than 10,000 pounds so bring your wallet!

Kruger National Park
Mpumalanga, South Africa

Kruger is arguably one of the most popular restaurants to visit. You'll find some terrific meals at reasonable prices. However, due to its popularity finding a good location to enjoy your meal maybe become difficult. The Kruger staff does its best to accommodate all diners but overcrowding has been an issue.

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Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Arusha Region, Tanzania

Ngorongoro is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the Crater Highlands area of Tanzia. Due to it's prime location, Ngorongoro is stunning and offers up some delicious cuisine of various trees and vegetation. The outer rim of the highlands offers the best seating, however there are other patrons that may be less desirable to be around. Ngorongoro does its best to make everyone pleased however the lions are a bit unpredictable. Ngorongoro is a fantastic spot to celebration an anniversery.

Samburu National Reserve

Ewaso Ng'iro, Kenya

Sambru is a small restaurant on the borders of the Ewaso Ng'iro river. The grass is delicious but the nearby forest leaves much to be desired. In this price range, Samburu can't be beat. After dinner patrons are invited to soak in the glorious river that runs through this quaint restaurant.

Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Samburu District, Kenya

On the other side of the river across from the Samburu National Reserve is another small restaurant that offers up some delicious cuisine for that late night snack or perhaps drinks after a movie. The natural springs located here offer some of the cleanest water in all of Africa. Buffalo Springs puts a cap on how much a patron may drink which is at 300 liters.

Punnathur Kotta

Kottapadi, South India

The only Indian restaurant to make the list. Punnathur Kotta is a small and very clean restaurant with terrific food. The owners of Punnathur have a strict dress code that all patrons must adhere to. The patrons are only given the best service and the best quality food that available. The grounds are exquisitely maintained and the view is impressive. If you're up to traveling then there is no better place than Punnathur Kotta.